May 2 2012

RightScalr and Cloud Management

I’ve used both and – both are good systems. I kept fusing the two together when switching between systems, to form or Use these handy links to get back on track:


Apr 3 2012

Pit Stop Road snacks

This had a neat lens flare effect. I didn’t mean for it to be b/w, that’s a feature of the wacky white balance setting, and the 720nm filter that was screwed into the kit lens. It is said that aliens from outer space wouldn’t actually visit us, due to the costs and time involved. Instead, they’d communicate in some way. They haven’t said anything to me yet, but I just hope we’re not road snacks.

Mar 31 2012

parkinglot sunset at 720nm

I sat on the phone and talked to some friends while snapping photos of the sunset. I used my new 720nm filter, and got a pretty neat contrast in the clouds. I think I still have to figure out the white balance, maybe feed it an engineered image to get the proper color gradients. As it is, I am kinda happy I stayed out there so long, I did get a couple of good shots. 18-55 Canon kit lens, 20D.

Mar 28 2012

Sunspot 1445

I smoke outside, so I was there when the postal carrier delivered my 720nm filter. I took a few minutes to try it out by pointing my camera directly at the sun, and shooting a few test pictures. This time, I made sure not to look into the viewfinder, like I did with the 850nm filter. Here, you can see sunspot 1445 in this blown-up image, the little dim dot.

Mar 25 2012

Parking Lot above 850nm

Parking lot where I live with an 850nm infrared filter. Not really excited about the grain, and it is hard to see the screen when shooting directly into the sun. I’ll try this again with this 75-300 sigma, as soon as my filter ring-adapter arrives. The trick with these filters is to adjust the white-balance, or everything turns out purple. Still want to remove the infrared blocking filter from the 20D’s element, but I would have to replace it with a screw-in filter when I try to shoot normal photos with the camera. Hard to find a 20Da for a reasonable price, and I’d prefer a really old 5D when they come down in price on Craigslist.

Aug 3 2011

Thank you Drew!!!

What a friend, I have!!

Anyway, little into:
I’m Austeregrim, been hanging around Drew on the internet for a long time, at least 8 or 9 years or so, when he had wifimaps site running… went through some amazing stuff together, and now for something completely different!

Since this is for all sorts of things, especially linux and the related. I’ve been an “android” for going on 1.5 years. And I just bought myself a Toshiba Thrive. Not only that, but I was the first to have it rooted. Since android is linux based, Drew felt it fitting I start posting my adventures here. So I’ll do what I can.

If you’re a G+ person, feel free to circle me! Search for “Austere Grim”.

So again drew, thanks for the hosting, and always the support you provide. I’ve never met anyone quite like you!!!


Jul 26 2011

Google+ Blocked My Profile

drewzhrodague profile banned from Google+On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. When you are a dog, or Drew from Zhrodague in my case, Google+ will find out and block you. I can hardly blame them. Not many people have the Americanized prefix ‘from’ in their last names, which I am sure was easy to weed out from the massive volumes of other people with chosen names who’ve used them to sign-up for Google+.

Even my old friend, Ladyada, had trouble using her widely known pseudonym, as I read in this article at CNN. And for those of us that have chosen our names, and spent years building our online identity, we’ll be left out in the cold until Google+ can get around to reading our truncated sob stories in the tiny URL boxes provided in the Google+ Profile Name Identity form.

Could Google+’s enforcement of this policy be a method of combating identity theft? I can imagine people signing-up with a fake name that looks real. But who is going to want a real name that is fake, other than those of us who have cultivated an identity and online presence. Not using a real given name is one way to avoid identity theft. Another is to not use social-networking sites. I’d prefer to stretch my online presence to include Google+, and I’m sure they’ll let me back in after they’ve had time to review the links to Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and others that I’ve included.

I hope!


UPDATE: Google has UNBLOCKED my profile – Hooray! Drew from Zhrodague on Google+

Mar 17 2011

Social Networks Shouldn’t be Authentication Authorities

Screen Off!I have noticed that there is an increase in the number of websites using Facebook or Twitter as an authentication and identify-verification method. I don’t know that I like this. I haven’t done any research on this or other popular methods of identity management. Authentication to me means PAM, LDAP, Kerberos, or *other*. Facebook is the last thing I think of. Which Star Trek bridge officer would have the correct plan?

Mar 15 2011

GTA 4: Gravity Off + Yakety Sax

GTA 4 Carmageddon 2- Yakety Sax
This is what happens when you turn off the gravity in this game — the cars fly in every direction uncontrollably, making for some comedic scenes. Perhaps it is only comedic when we apply Yakety Sax to it. Make it fullscreen for more fun.

Mar 14 2011

Wind Chimes: A Series of Tubes

Wind chimes are neat sounding, and can be made at home quite easily. While I didn’t rip out my forced water heating system to make wind chimes, I am glad that I did, and now have plenty of source material.

wind chimes at Wikipedia

An Engineering Approach to Wind Chime Design, by Lee Hite

Lee Hite has some charts. Make sure to use the correct chart for your type of piping. In my case, I first used the wrong chart, and heard unexpected notes.

Like an Autoharp, it seems like the point on the pipe where it is held acts like a filter, allowing the pipe to not ring at that point. I was able to hear some really strange and interesting sounds if I would roll the pipe between two fingers at one end, allowing the pipe to slide between my fingers slightly, while also banging on the pipe. The suggestion from this, is to use motorized wheels to slide the pipe up and down through some mechanism, such that the pitch and harmonics of the pipe can be changed based on where the wheels are holding the pipe.

I used Baudline on my old Dell, and a sub-shotgun mic I built a while ago (PC mic in a redbull can with foam).