Jul 12 2010

Bricking the lawn

A nearby apartment building was recently demolished, freeing up a huge number of bricks. Being

brick edging around the peach tree

Brick edging around the peach tree

the brick hoarder that I am, I feel a need to extract as many bricks as is absolutely possible. I use them to line my garden, to build our firenators, and for small retaining walls. I also outline the tree features in the yard, setting the bricks into the ground for easy mowing and no post-mowing trim.

I’m kinda fascinated by bricks, I dunno why. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some with words or a shape molded into them. There are bricks in a range of colors from white to yellow to red. They even have useful thermal properties, are hand-held, and relatively solid. It’s true, I read all about them on Wikipedia. They are useful for almost all everyday purposes. They also make a great temporary seat when stacked, support stones as table legs, chocking wheels, etc.

I have this strange idea about using them attractively for terracing the long sloped yard we have. I estimate about two trucks full of cement for the size of the retaining wall I want. That and the new patio we need. I read about cement at wikipedia also. Unlike cement, bricks are both cumulative and movable. Poured cement is certainly cumulative, but not so movable once it has set. Bricks can be installed in the garden bed, picked up and moved again.

I hope I get a quick break from my on-screen duties on the other laptop to scoop up some bricks. I hope Lord Gator is still available with his giant truck to help.